Your CMDB is healthy…trust me!

Your CMDB isn't unhealthy. Trust me on this one. It can't be unhealthy because it is nothing more than meta data that describes the configuration items and their relationships in your environment. All of the data might not be correct and complete, and heck, it may even highlight CIs that aren't compliant. That doesn't make … Continue reading Your CMDB is healthy…trust me!


I am joined by Christopher Killion with ServiceNow to discuss credentials. We walk through how to connect to all kinds of hosts in your environment to run through the process of Discovery and Service Mapping. He defines what is required for WMI, SSH, and SNMP, which are discussed in greater detail. Christopher uses what he … Continue reading Credentials

ServiceNow #ITOM Podcasts

I have found that my colleagues are generating a lot of quality content and I thought it was worth sharing. With nearly 30 sessions knocked out already, there is a lot to consume. I took the time to highlight a few I thought were most relevant in the ITOM space below. ServiceNow TechBytes ServiceNow TechBytes is … Continue reading ServiceNow #ITOM Podcasts

Knowledge16 Keynote Summary

As you are aware, I attended my first ServiceNow Knowledge event in Las Vegas May 16th-19th and was fortunate to see these keynotes live. You might not have been that lucky, but through the power of the internet (and some awesome work by one of my peers, Jack Campbell) you can now watch the keynotes … Continue reading Knowledge16 Keynote Summary

Knowledge16 Recap – Part 2

In the previous post I outlined the first couple days of Knowledge16. This post will expand on that just as ServiceNow is expanding their platform. Two big announcements came this week around the platform, one of which was the addition of support of the Azure Cloud Service Management and the second being the introduction of Customer Service … Continue reading Knowledge16 Recap – Part 2

The Spies of SPICast

I am joined by the Omar Martinez, Bennetta Raby, and Christa Barclay from CHRISTUS Health live from ServiceNow Knowledge16 at the Mandalay Bay. They take time to talk to me about how they are transforming their enterprise with service management and how leveraging innovative approaches like Omar's SPICast Podcast to get the word out to the organization about … Continue reading The Spies of SPICast

Knowledge16 Recap – Part 1

What do 11K people do when they love something so much they have to tell everyone about it? They go to Vegas! ServiceNow's Knowledge16 kicked off Monday May 16th with record attendance to celebrate 10 years of Knowledge. Not only did they attract IT professionals, but this year also saw more and more folks attend … Continue reading Knowledge16 Recap – Part 1

10 lessons in 15 days

At the start of April I left my previous position as a sales manager with a business partner, and took a position in sales at ServiceNow. Just a few weeks into my new role I have either been reminded of or have remembered 10 lessons that I wanted to share. Even though I am starting … Continue reading 10 lessons in 15 days

Sell me a VAR

This episode Matt Schneider (@md_schneirder) returns to flip the table around as he asks me a few questions about what I've learned during my journeys from customer, to manufacturer, and to VAR through my career. This follows on the conversation I started in my recent blog post Just Trying to Help. We discuss the lessons I learned and he … Continue reading Sell me a VAR

Just Trying to Help

I wanted to take a look back and share some things I have observed as a sales manager at a VAR over the last 18 months. The intention is to help everyone leverage THEIR partner to the fullest extent and maximize on the value they can bring. They're just trying to help. Really. First, what … Continue reading Just Trying to Help