Look Ma, All A’s!

CRN recently put out their 2013 Enterprise Storage report card and EMC once again took the top spot beating out NetApp, Dell, IBM, HP and Oracle. The highlights were top spot in Product Reliability by a hefty margin. I am always proud to hear 3rd party evaluations that reinforce that the EMC portfolio is tops when it comes to quality. Secondly, is the top spot in Product Innovation. We are in a transformative time in IT, and the vendors that can adapt and provide IT organizations with the power to change are the ones that provide the most value. EMC’s innovation across the storage space provide just that ability. Finally, as it relates to our channel partners, EMC was on top when it came to resolution of Channel Conflict and Ease of Doing Business. Not only is the portfolio provide the best quality and reliability, it is also the most innovative, and the easiest for our channel community to bring to their clients. You can see the full report card at CRN’s site.¬†http://www.crn.com/annual-report-card/arc2013_results.htm?category=8

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