Webcast: Getting the best of both worlds

Title:   Getting the Best of Both Worlds With Integrated Deduplication Software and Storage
When: Tuesday, June 7 @ 12 p.m. ET
Link:   http://event.on24.com/r.htm?e=313750&s=1&k=215F7ECB9992E346D8DDEA04E07A51FD

Historically customers interested in backing up resource constrained environments, such as remote offices and mobile users, were pointed towards source deduplication solutions, where data is deduplicated at the backup client. Customers interested in backing up larger servers were pointed at target deduplication appliances. Customers with both challenges needed to buy separate products to manage separate environments. This is no longer the case with integrated deduplication software and storage.

This webinar will start with W. Curtis Preston (known as “Mr. Backup”).He will explain the differences between source and target deduplication and why they have historically been used to solve different problems. He will also explain the challenges of using separate products to solve two different problems.

Rob Emsley, Senior Director of Marketing at EMC will explain how Avamar and Data Domain now work together as a single integrated system to solve both problems.

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