Consolidating into Amazon Lightsail – Part 2

The first step was tracking everything down which is what you will see documented below. Importance of Documenting Your Hosting Environment As a website owner, you know that a lot goes into creating and maintaining a successful online presence. From designing your website to ensuring that it is fast, secure, and always up and running, … Continue reading Consolidating into Amazon Lightsail – Part 2

Consolidating into Amazon Lightsail – Part 1

It’s time for me to collapse some cost and complexity out of my hosting footprint and will outline how I am doing that in this post. I also took advantage of the timing to check out OpenAI’s ability to generate content. See the results below! “Write a blog post about consolidating different websites hosted with … Continue reading Consolidating into Amazon Lightsail – Part 1

Iced Champagne

Amber (@amberhagstrom) and I celebrated the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 with Brooke (@luckyb3) and Aaron (@aarontimothy) in our new studio space. We discussed last meals, conspiracy theories and went around the coffee table sharing a couple small details about who we are and what we think is important. Definitely explicit, and … Continue reading Iced Champagne

Accidental Diversity

My wife and are the proud operators of a group of three boutique fitness studios in the DFW market, and we are figuring out how to weather the current pandemic and come to terms with the long-lasting changes we are about to face. We closed our CycleBar indoor cycling studios in Frisco, Fort Worth, and McKinney in mid-March amid … Continue reading Accidental Diversity

Digital Empowerment

The entire ServiceNow sales team, which is almost triple the size it was when I started, gathered in Las Vegas in January for our annual sales kickoff. We do this each year so that we can gather as a group and learn about the things that are important to making our customers incredibly successful. I’ve … Continue reading Digital Empowerment

Dear CIO, You have a tough job

I am asked to attend many events, host multiple roundtables, and nurture networking events as part of my current role. December of 2018 has been no different. I have detailed some of the lessons I learned most recently from the CIO community at events I had the opportunity to participate in the last couple of … Continue reading Dear CIO, You have a tough job

Time to ESC

Today I officially became an Executive Solution Consultant (ESC) at ServiceNow. What better way to celebrate this new role than putting together a few thoughts into this blog post and take the chance to lay out some goals. Since these goals are a public declaration in a written format maybe I can stick to them! … Continue reading Time to ESC

How to Find a New Role

Today marks the last day in my current role at ServiceNow and thought it would be fitting to walk through the process I leveraged to make this decision. It required me to first define what it was that I wanted to do next. From there I was able to take advantage of some time speaking … Continue reading How to Find a New Role

Goodbye Got Dedupe, Hello Digital IRL

I started this blog long ago as a way to share my thoughts on a myriad of topics. I've learned a lot along the way and have developed a voice that I always hope my readers appreciate. This weekend I put in the long hours to create, update and, completely overhaul my entire brand. Not … Continue reading Goodbye Got Dedupe, Hello Digital IRL

What’s the value of value

Value. It’s quickly becoming the latest corporate buzzword and it merits discussion because it is important and I fear value’s value is being lost in the noise. If we simply dismiss the concept as another tactic that my sales peers use to drive an opportunity to closure then we miss the point of what it … Continue reading What’s the value of value