Iced Champagne

Amber (@amberhagstrom) and I celebrated the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 with Brooke (@luckyb3) and Aaron (@aarontimothy) in our new studio space. We discussed last meals, conspiracy theories and went around the coffee table sharing a couple small details about who we are and what we think is important. Definitely explicit, and … Continue reading Iced Champagne


I am joined by Christopher Killion with ServiceNow to discuss credentials. We walk through how to connect to all kinds of hosts in your environment to run through the process of Discovery and Service Mapping. He defines what is required for WMI, SSH, and SNMP, which are discussed in greater detail. Christopher uses what he … Continue reading Credentials

The Spies of SPICast

I am joined by the Omar Martinez, Bennetta Raby, and Christa Barclay from CHRISTUS Health live from ServiceNow Knowledge16 at the Mandalay Bay. They take time to talk to me about how they are transforming their enterprise with service management and how leveraging innovative approaches like Omar's SPICast Podcast to get the word out to the organization about … Continue reading The Spies of SPICast

Sell me a VAR

This episode Matt Schneider (@md_schneirder) returns to flip the table around as he asks me a few questions about what I've learned during my journeys from customer, to manufacturer, and to VAR through my career. This follows on the conversation I started in my recent blog post Just Trying to Help. We discuss the lessons I learned and he … Continue reading Sell me a VAR


Our friend Matt Schneider (@md_schneider) returns to #taketheleap with me to talk about the latest all flash VMAX offering announced today. We discuss the difference between Legacy and Traditional applications, how a platform that dates back to the beginning of time can't be a dinosaur, or how it lasts to become the strongest of the … Continue reading Dinosaurs

Hyperconverged DevOps

Just a day after VCE announced the new VxRail hyperconverged platform, I thought it was fitting to look at some use cases so I sat down with Matt Schneider (@md_schneider) to talk about DevOps in this new hyperconverged world and what his take was based on his past experiences. We ambled through the topics of cloud being … Continue reading Hyperconverged DevOps


I am joined by Tanner Hux (@omgfixit), Aaron Buley (@aaronbuley) and Tyler Gates (@tsgates_) to discuss one of the more prolific mobile games on devices everywhere. Clash of Clans. We decided it was best to discuss this mobile gaming topic with some help from Deep Elum's (@deepellumbrewco) Hop Seeker and Small Town Brewery's (@smalltownbrewer) Not … Continue reading Clans

Merge and Yield

There has been so much discussion in the news recently about giant technology mergers, giant beverage company mergers, and even giant pharmaceutical mergers that it seemed the right time to sit down and discuss what all of this means. Aaron Buley (@aaronbuley) and Russell Cantwell (@rcantw3ll) join me this week and we talked about the … Continue reading Merge and Yield

Game On

In this episode I sit down with Russell Cantwell (@rcantw3ll) to discuss the latest in eSports. We discussed the DOTA2 International and the how such a large purse is collected. We discussed his screaming fast gaming rig complete with his favorite Devil's Canyon architecture. Turns out Professional Basketball and Professional eSports share a lot of similarity. … Continue reading Game On

Next Episode

Tanner Hux (@omgfixit) and I humorously discuss a wide range of topics while consuming a couple tasty beers from Lone Star Taps and Caps. We started with Real Ale White and Meridian Hive Haven and then capped it off with a Stone Points Unknown. After getting the beer tasting out of the way we moved through topics like natural disasters, data … Continue reading Next Episode