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Tanner Hux (@omgfixit) and I humorously discuss a wide range of topics while consuming a couple tasty beers from Lone Star Taps and Caps. We started with Real Ale White and Meridian Hive Haven and then capped it off with a Stone Points Unknown. After getting the beer tasting out of the way we moved through topics like natural disasters, data centers in DFW, the cloud, innovation, the importance of soft skills, EUC/VDI, how to build a business case, anthropomorphic analogies, the power of the Flux Capacitor, how The Gingerman is a good office space, million dollar app ideas, and the plague of “Hey, while you’re here”.

Tanner provides an interesting viewpoint into the mind of the mid-market IT consumer and how that is important for the enterprise manufacturers that are trying to gain mind share. Despite the light hearted approach, the discussion hits some key fundamentals to shaping decisions in IT for a segment usually overlooked.

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