Goodbye Got Dedupe, Hello Digital IRL

I started this blog long ago as a way to share my thoughts on a myriad of topics. I’ve learned a lot along the way and have developed a voice that I always hope my readers appreciate. This weekend I put in the long hours to create, update and, completely overhaul my entire brand. Not a small task and one that won’t be done anytime soon. I have been using the domain and branding for years and it will take quite some time to fully replace it across the web, but the hard work of updating the main touchpoints is complete. So what does Digital IRL even mean?

Digital: I wanted to highlight the fact that the blog has and will always be related to the digital world we live in. That can mean a lot of things, but I’ve always been interested in and involved with computers and technology in some form or fashion since my childhood. That Commodore 64 really opened up a whole world of interest for me.

IRL: Slang for “In Real Life” there are a couple thoughts going on in my head here. First is that I wanted something a bit more youthful and as society has moved to text-based communication, many of the original IRC acronyms have moved into the millennial’s worldview. (funny, and worthy of another blog post because I think many people have no clue how much we are recycling old tech today). Digital is also an interface between us humans and the machines driving the technology so I wanted to bridge the gap. So not only am I talking about technology, but I am talking about technology as it appears in our everyday life. In real life.

The logo: Thanks to which provides an online tool to create logos. Basically put in some info and it spits out an idea. Take that idea and shape it and voila, instant logo. For a few bucks, you get your logo and slogan in a bunch of different workable formats. My inspiration was the conversation and the dialog that the multiple channels I use facilitate. Web Logs (blogs) have been the mainstay for a while, but I have also dabbled in the Audio Log (podcast) and Video Log (vlog) space. Doesn’t really matter how communication happens, the point is that it’s a conversation. The three people connected represent that connection. I like circles because they make good stickers, so don’t read too much into that.

The future direction of the Digital IRL brand will be to incorporate more video (again, another blog coming to discuss that) and more podcasts. But the basic blog will always be the mainstay. They are quick, easy, and expressive and I really enjoy creating and sharing them. I hope you will enjoy them as well!

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