Consolidating into Amazon Lightsail – Part 2

The first step was tracking everything down which is what you will see documented below. Importance of Documenting Your Hosting Environment As a website owner, you know that a lot goes into creating and maintaining a successful online presence. From designing your website to ensuring that it is fast, secure, and always up and running, … Continue reading Consolidating into Amazon Lightsail – Part 2

Accidental Diversity

My wife and are the proud operators of a group of three boutique fitness studios in the DFW market, and we are figuring out how to weather the current pandemic and come to terms with the long-lasting changes we are about to face. We closed our CycleBar indoor cycling studios in Frisco, Fort Worth, and McKinney in mid-March amid … Continue reading Accidental Diversity

Time to ESC

Today I officially became an Executive Solution Consultant (ESC) at ServiceNow. What better way to celebrate this new role than putting together a few thoughts into this blog post and take the chance to lay out some goals. Since these goals are a public declaration in a written format maybe I can stick to them! … Continue reading Time to ESC

How to Find a New Role

Today marks the last day in my current role at ServiceNow and thought it would be fitting to walk through the process I leveraged to make this decision. It required me to first define what it was that I wanted to do next. From there I was able to take advantage of some time speaking … Continue reading How to Find a New Role

Goodbye Got Dedupe, Hello Digital IRL

I started this blog long ago as a way to share my thoughts on a myriad of topics. I've learned a lot along the way and have developed a voice that I always hope my readers appreciate. This weekend I put in the long hours to create, update and, completely overhaul my entire brand. Not … Continue reading Goodbye Got Dedupe, Hello Digital IRL