What’s the value of value

Value. It’s quickly becoming the latest corporate buzzword and it merits discussion because it is important and I fear value’s value is being lost in the noise. If we simply dismiss the concept as another tactic that my sales peers use to drive an opportunity to closure then we miss the point of what it … Continue reading What’s the value of value

Social Influence – #DellEMCWorld Edition

It's the last day of #DellEMCWorld and I wanted to recap with a big thank you. Thank to all of the product managers for the new announcements and giving me a chance to get a sneak peek. Thanks to the leadership team for taking time out to of your scheduled to take some questions and … Continue reading Social Influence – #DellEMCWorld Edition

#untitled – AKA my first DellEMC World Post

What am I doing here? Connecting the dots. If you read my previous post about Alliances, you know how important I think it is that we are working very closely with our peers. I shared a ride from the airport this morning with one of my former colleagues who manages the Fortune 500 accounts in … Continue reading #untitled – AKA my first DellEMC World Post

How to Build an Alliance

What is an Alliance? Wikipedia says it is a relationship among groups that have joined together to achieve a common goal. In the case of the Star Wars Rebel Alliance it is the gathering of the Delegation of 2000. They had the common goal of limiting the power of the Supreme Chancellor as the Clone … Continue reading How to Build an Alliance

EWDaaS (Egg White Delight as a service)

I was on the long road back home the other day when hunger (and a bit of hangover) consumed me and directed me off the interstate into the waiting arms of the McDonald's drive through. As I rounded the corner and grabbed my food and drinks and made my way back to the onramp it … Continue reading EWDaaS (Egg White Delight as a service)

Resolution 4: Virtualize Everything

It's midway through the year and it's time to dive into another resolution. This time I am tackling resolution number 4 from my 15 resolutions for the 2015 revolution. I resolve to stop thinking about virtualization as a hypervisor. Why? Because virtualization is so much more than just a hypervisor and it's important for us … Continue reading Resolution 4: Virtualize Everything