Just Trying to Help

I wanted to take a look back and share some things I have observed as a sales manager at a VAR over the last 18 months. The intention is to help everyone leverage THEIR partner to the fullest extent and maximize on the value they can bring. They're just trying to help. Really. First, what … Continue reading Just Trying to Help

Storage in the Front, Compute in the Back

Storage in the front. Compute in the Back. Not a reference to our mullet wearing friends of the 80's, but a simple truth about the new VxRail appliances announced today by VCE and VMware. What does this look like? How about 112 Cores worth of compute, 76tb of raw flash, layer on dedupe and compression … Continue reading Storage in the Front, Compute in the Back

What EMC Elect means to me

I've been honored once again to be included in the EMC Elect group. You can find out more about the official charter on ECN (http://thinka.be/1O3f2iT) but my personal charter extends this basic meaning and my post here serves to outline that viewpoint. My vision is to be a thought leader focused on creating consistent content … Continue reading What EMC Elect means to me

The Business Case for Convergence

Today's IT landscape is being driven by business outcomes. As IT teams evaluate new technologies they are using a simple framework to determine which product meets their requirements in an ecosystem that is becoming less and less differentiated. First, the solution has to save the business money. This can be realized by a lower cost … Continue reading The Business Case for Convergence

Bigger Engine Means Better Tires

So you just deployed your new flash array and realize that your hosts aren't screaming around the track like you were expecting. They're fast, but they could be faster. Part of the problemĀ is that you just introduced a big fat engine into that old 1980'sĀ Civic frame with balding blades for tires. Sure it'll work and … Continue reading Bigger Engine Means Better Tires

Flash Market Shape

Is it round? Pear? Square? Wavy? Hard to say, but one thing is certain, 2014 has been an active year for the flash market. Just take a look at some of the changes that have been seen this year alone. WD (HGST) purchased Skyera EMC Acquired DSSD Seagate picked up LSI's flash business and Avago … Continue reading Flash Market Shape

Compromising Situation

I was sent a link to a chalk-talk by a customer the other day that I thought I would address point by point. Tegile recently announced our new T-Series all flash hybrid arrays, and it seems like everyone else is getting in on the game as well. I thought it would make sense to show … Continue reading Compromising Situation

Beauty AND Brains

Meanwhile on your mobile device, Syncplicity rolled out a massive overhaul of it's application. All I can say is WOW! You can read all about it over at the Syncplicity blog (http://www.syncplicity.com/blog/beauty-and-brains-the-new-syncplicity-mobile-apps) but I'll point out of some of my favorite highlights here. The interface has been redesigned to make it easier to use. I'm … Continue reading Beauty AND Brains

Look Ma, All A's!

CRN recently put out their 2013 Enterprise Storage report card and EMC once again took the top spot beating out NetApp, Dell, IBM, HP and Oracle. The highlights were top spot in Product Reliability by a hefty margin. I am always proud to hear 3rd party evaluations that reinforce that the EMC portfolio is tops … Continue reading Look Ma, All A's!

They call me BRuCE

The EMC community network continues to provide value to our customers, partners, and employees. I wanted to take a moment to highlight one specific corner of the community that is focused specifically on enabling our channel partners. It is the Backup and Recovery Channel Enablement site and can be found at https://community.emc.com/community/partner/brce. You can find everything … Continue reading They call me BRuCE