Why you won't see me with a drink

I just finished a couple of beers and thought it would be a great time to write a blog post about not drinking. I’m headed to Vegas this weekend for our annual user conference like many of you have done over the years. We gathered as a sales organization at the beginning of the year … Continue reading Why you won't see me with a drink

Just Trying to Help

I wanted to take a look back and share some things I have observed as a sales manager at a VAR over the last 18 months. The intention is to help everyone leverage THEIR partner to the fullest extent and maximize on the value they can bring. They're just trying to help. Really. First, what … Continue reading Just Trying to Help

EWDaaS (Egg White Delight as a service)

I was on the long road back home the other day when hunger (and a bit of hangover) consumed me and directed me off the interstate into the waiting arms of the McDonald's drive through. As I rounded the corner and grabbed my food and drinks and made my way back to the onramp it … Continue reading EWDaaS (Egg White Delight as a service)

You're doing it wrong!

It's been a while since my last update, and that's because I am trying to wade through your emails. The intolerable depths of email you're generating because you're doing it wrong. I have a couple suggestions you have heard a million times and are fortunate enough to hear again. Lucky you. Hopefully this will help you … Continue reading You're doing it wrong!


Early in September of 2015 I had the fortune of attending VMworld for the last time at the Moscone center. I also had the great fortune to sit down with Mark Browne (@dathbrun) and co-host a few podcasts under the Tech sElect name for the EMC Elect. I complied the three that I co-hosted into … Continue reading VMworld

A Boomer, GenX, Millennial, and iGen walk into a bar

I'm a Gen X guy working for Boomers in a Millennial dominated world and want to share some observations with the iGen that will be working with me in a dozen years. Today I manage a small team that consists entirely of folks from the Millennial generation. These "kids", as I call them daily, are … Continue reading A Boomer, GenX, Millennial, and iGen walk into a bar

Community and the EMC Elect

Today I was humbled and honored to be invited to join the EMC Elect team for a second year. This is truly amazing and I am so happy to be amongst such a talented and forward thinking group of individuals. So how did I get chosen? First, I was nominated. I have to thank many … Continue reading Community and the EMC Elect

Doing it for the Kids

We are a proud sponsor of the Dallas Margarita Society's annual Margarita ball this year (http://www.dallasmargaritasociety.org/our-sponsors/sponsors-list/sponsors-2014/) benefiting the Dallas Children's Charities. (http://www.dallaschildrenscharities.org). We look forward to helping put a smile on hundreds of kids faces this holiday season. We also encourage you to join us in our campaign of giving by contributing to your favorite … Continue reading Doing it for the Kids

Top 'o the blog to ya

First of all, I swear that the 20 votes I got did NOT come from grandparents, cousins, or other relatives. They didn't come from me, my pet goldfish, or my deceased neighbor either. I swear. Now that I have cleared the air about that, it's exciting to be getting ANY votes  among this impressive list … Continue reading Top 'o the blog to ya

Meanwhile at the North Dallas Office

This past Monday marked the beginning of a new career and a new adventure. After over 3 years at EMC I have moved on to a new company. This means I am also getting back to my technical roots and rolling up my sleeves to help build something with Tegile. Good news for the readers … Continue reading Meanwhile at the North Dallas Office