The Few, the Proud, the #EMCElect

I don't always hashtag my blog post titles, but when I do it's because I want an extra level of social joy in there. The same joy I felt when I saw that I was on the Elect '14 list ¬†announced today. I can already hear my parents asking me, "What does that even mean?" … Continue reading The Few, the Proud, the #EMCElect

I've Got The (Social) Power!

I'm taking a different approach in this post because I think it merits discussion. How does social media really affect us? I put stuff out there everyday and I feel like I have a decent group of followers, but at the end of the day how much influence do I really have? I have recent … Continue reading I've Got The (Social) Power!

Flipping the switch

I'm incredibly excited to announce a new direction for me and my engagement with the EMC social community. Starting on Monday August 26th, I am now the new BRS Channel Manager for the state of Texas. What does that mean for the Gotdedupe blog? Nothing really other than some more relevant content for our thousands … Continue reading Flipping the switch

EMC World Video Contest

I am a shameless publicity hound. That said, each year at EMC World, we have a contest focused on videos from the SE community. This year is no different. The way the contest is judged is via "likes" on the Youtube videos themselves. I wanted you to see the three videos from Texas and help … Continue reading EMC World Video Contest

Among the Greats

The Gotdedupe? blog was given the great honor of being included on the EMC Social home page in January. You can see the rest of the EMC promoted bloggers at¬† I encourage you to take a few minutes to add these blogs to whatever aggregator you use to monitor and stay up to date with … Continue reading Among the Greats