Flipping the switch

I’m incredibly excited to announce a new direction for me and my engagement with the EMC social community. Starting on Monday August 26th, I am now the new BRS Channel Manager for the state of Texas. What does that mean for the Gotdedupe blog? Nothing really other than some more relevant content for our thousands of partners across the globe. This will continue to be a technically focused outlet bringing best practices, product announcements, updates on events, and general commentary on the data protection market. I am also going to start incorporating more information on deduplication in non-backup workloads as well. Dedupe is longer reserved for just backups, and is now a feature on nearly every array being sold today. It’s embedded in the filesystem of major operating systems. Bottom line, it’s everywhere. Two changes, both of which mean more value for you as loyal reader. Let me also take a moment to express a huge amount of thanks for all of the success and accomplishments I have been able to achieve thanks to many of the great folks and companies that surround me everyday. EMC continues to be a fertile ground for my career, and that is really thanks to the people I work with. Thanks to each and every one of you for all that you have done and do on a continuing basis for me.

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