33 Flavors of Flash

So maybe not 33, but there are so many different ways to approach flash in a data center environment. The correct approach depends on multiple factors, and understanding the differences between the varying architectures is critical. It is also important to remember the soft criteria. Your solution should simplify administration, reduce risk of data loss, improve … Continue reading 33 Flavors of Flash

15 Resolutions for the 2015 Revolution

Last year about this time, I outlined 14 resolutions to get your data protection strategy back on track. I called it a revolution because us IT folk typically have to fight to get what we want and bring change to an organization that fights change. That makes us revolutionaries. It's time to check back in … Continue reading 15 Resolutions for the 2015 Revolution

Converged or "Build Your Own" VDI

Building out a VDI infrastructure requires great care and planning. Do you have enough performance from your storage infrastructure? Do you have a well defined performance objective for your users? Are you going to use a converged platform for your infrastructure or do you plan to leverage a reference architecture? Do you even know where to … Continue reading Converged or "Build Your Own" VDI

Middle Management Sucks

...unless you are talking about data management. That's right. Data Management features like thin provisioning, snapshot and cloning, replication, deduplication, and compression are what make managing the data in your environment easier. This middle layer of management helps drive data reduction, but also drives things like data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity. They also contribute … Continue reading Middle Management Sucks

Choice Matters Most

These days choice is something everyone of us has become accustomed to. Go to just about any convenience or grocery store in the country and look for the peanuts. There they are, right? Peanuts are only in season for a couple of months each year, but because consumers demand year-round access, enough are harvested to extend … Continue reading Choice Matters Most

Smaller is Faster

Spud Webb could reach great heights with a basketball in hand and Danny Woodhead could weave up and down the field. Both proving that sometimes smaller IS better. Deduplicating your production storage is also better, and when done correctly, faster. But how can this be you may ask? If I have to spend more time … Continue reading Smaller is Faster

Buying Criteria vs. Use Criteria

When I talk to our customers about the advantages of a Hybrid storage array, I frequently come across many questions that can be categorized as either buying criteria or use criteria. A couple quick definitions are in order to begin. Use criteria are the most important of the two because this is what you are … Continue reading Buying Criteria vs. Use Criteria

Don't be 'Pitfall Harry' when Virtualizing SQL

Your virtualization admin has been mandated to consolidate. Database admins are being mandated to improve performance. The DBA wants faster cores, while the virtualization admin wants more cores. All the while, neither of these admins understand each others environments, have a standardized way to test performance, or recognize how changes on one side affect the … Continue reading Don't be 'Pitfall Harry' when Virtualizing SQL

Customer Delight For Sale

I've been out at HQ this week learning about all the goodness of the Tegile array and had the chance to talk with both our CEO Rohit and VP of Customer Engineering Alok and was surprised when they both told me that we don't sell storage. In fact, they told me that we sold something … Continue reading Customer Delight For Sale

14 Resolutions for the '14 Revolution

It's a new year which means it's time to make some new resolutions. If you are responsible for data protection in your environment, it might also be time for a revolution. Revolution you say? Yes, revolution. It's time for IT's transformation and I  written and spoken about this many times before. IT needs to be … Continue reading 14 Resolutions for the '14 Revolution