Social Influence – #DellEMCWorld Edition

It’s the last day of #DellEMCWorld and I wanted to recap with a big thank you. Thank to all of the product managers for the new announcements and giving me a chance to get a sneak peek. Thanks to the leadership team for taking time out to of your scheduled to take some questions and give us insight on what happens next. Thanks to the City of Austin for providing such an amazing backdrop for the convention, even if humidity hovered around 239%. (Seriously, I have never sweat so much walking three blocks). But mostly, thanks to the #EMCElect for making this possible. Social Influencers are an important part of the marketing ecosystem, and I’m fortunate to be in their ranks.

Social influence is something I never saw coming. I was just a dude from Texas that was sharing my thoughts about the world around me. Since I spent a lot of the time in my work world, I tended to share my thoughts about that too. Some people liked what I had to say and maybe even shared my opinion. I’m far too humble to claim that I ever actually influenced someone, but others have told me that I did. So that’s pretty dang cool. This voice and message has changed in the last few years into something more deliberate. When I started the Remain Silent podcast, I really just wanted an excuse to buy a fancy voice recorder. But now with more than 10 episodes completed, I have found that it serves as a great platform to have a conversation. That’s what being a social influencer is all about after all. Conversation.

So let’s chat. I serve an industry that has many markets, products, players, and approaches. And I was reminded this week that even though my day job is changing the way people work by bringing them business automation, my engagement in the entire ecosystem makes me and my peers better. When Rodney Rogers addressed our group he spoke of business IQ as it related to cloud in the 2010-2011 time frame. Our clients and prospects were beginning the process of determining just what the cloud was. It took social influencers in the form of the media and analysts to help raise that IQ. It took the skill of strong sales teams to educate IT about what the cloud was and more importantly what it wasn’t. Looking back now, it’s hard to believe we didn’t know how to differentiate one cloudy thing from another, but we couldn’t and now we can. Thanks to conversations.

What’s coming next? Where is the next opportunity to have a conversation and raise the business IQ? Based on this small bubble I lived in the last few days, it’s flash. Flash is all over the portfolio announcements.

* Data Domain – Flash means faster recovery and instant recovery that can work. That’s cool. Isn’t the most obvious place to put flash, but it makes sense.
* Isilon – All flash nodes mean data analytics just got a whole lot faster. A WHOLE lot. That’s an amazing tool to hand to researchers that are moving things like genetic sequencing forward at a blistering pace. Imagine have a sequence done in an ER and getting the data in the hands of your doctors in 20 minutes. That is now reality.
* PowerEdge – The VXrail line of hyperconverged systems is a data center in a box. And now it’s being delivered on DellEMC PowerEdge. By leveraging the power of flash, you can run hundreds of VMs in 2U of rack space. When I started with virtualization, a half rack to run a couple dozen servers was really cool. Eclipsed is an understatement.
* XtremIO – Duh. But now we also have a file system we can throw in front of the flash. The hardware became more versatile through the power of software.
* VMAX – It’s the powerhouse that just keeps getting better. And better.
* Unity – The little brother is getting in on the game too. Mid market business no longer have to feel left out of the revolution.

In addition to flash, having two of the worlds largest IT companies come together gives you access to a broad set of solutions across the data center. Need security? Got it. Need a client to access all of your apps. No problem. Think you’d like to add some IoT sensors to your manufacturing line? OK. Want an innovative way to pay for it all? DellEMC has you covered there too. Want someone to help you get it up and running? Just call.

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the insight. Most important, thanks for the conversation.

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