Why you won't see me with a drink

I just finished a couple of beers and thought it would be a great time to write a blog post about not drinking. I’m headed to Vegas this weekend for our annual user conference like many of you have done over the years. We gathered as a sales organization at the beginning of the year … Continue reading Why you won't see me with a drink

#Knowledge18 – IT Operations Agenda Tips

Headed out to Las Vegas for Knowledge 18 this year? The content catalog is posted and you can start building your schedule. I thought it would help to have some guidance on which sessions make sense for you since you will need to make a couple choices here and there if you find a conflict. … Continue reading #Knowledge18 – IT Operations Agenda Tips

When the facts are fiction

NOTE: I am a ServiceNow employee, so this post is SUPER biased. A colleague sent me a link to a solution that was being compared to two products in our IT Operations solution suite. The facts that they outlined are fairly innacurate and I felt compelled to set the story straight. Device42 created this page … Continue reading When the facts are fiction

Automating My Updates

Today it happened again. My management team asked for a last minute rollup of data related to the different customers I have been working with this year. I get the request about once a week, and every time I sit down to collect the data I think there has to be a better way to … Continue reading Automating My Updates

What time is it? Money saving time!

Epoch Today marks the beginning and the first full day of Knowledge 2017 for me and 15000 other ServiceNow enthusiasts. Either due to excitement, time change, or the fact it's harder for me to sleep though the night, I woke up early this morning and glanced at the clock to see just how early I … Continue reading What time is it? Money saving time!

How to get the best lap time

Learn to Drive Imagine the world at 15. You’ve been riding in your parent's car for years. You’ve been paying very close attention to where your favorite stores are, where your friends live, and the laws of the road (hah!) So why are they making you take this stupid drivers education class? First, because it’s … Continue reading How to get the best lap time

Celebrate Good Times!

Sometimes you just need a reason to celebrate. If you work in IT a majority of your day can be spent doing things that don't feel celebratory. It's these mundane tasks that wear us down day in and day out. But cheer up friend! There are things worth celebrating and ServiceNow loves to remind IT … Continue reading Celebrate Good Times!