Event: Roundtable Call with mindSHIFT

Studio E Customer Roundtable Call with mindSHIFT Technologies (Registration and more information at https://studioe.emc.com/public_event.php?event_id=165)


mindSHIFT is one of the largest IT outsourcing and cloud services providers, serving small and mid-size businesses for more than 10 years. With mindSHIFT, you’ll get everything you need from an IT outsourcing and cloud services provider at the right price. At mindSHIFT, we’re about keeping you up and running, resolving problems quickly, providing personal attention and giving you answers to questions that make you more productive.


Robert J. Trasatti Jr. – Data Center Director


mindSHIFT Deployed EMC Avamar with Data Protection Adviser in early 2010 to back up a large EMC Celerra NAS environment, Microsoft SQL Servers, Microsoft Exchange cluster and VMWare cluster. The Avamar grid provided fast backups with a very easy management layer consisting of DPA. Restores are completed in minutes. Deduplication allows mindSHIFT to store backups on Avamar for 12 months.

– EMC Celerra NAS environment consists of over 48 million files of which 20 million are offline stubs. Daily full backups of the NAS environment take 5 hours to complete using the NDMP accelerator.
– NDMP weekly average de-dupe rate of 99.5%.
– Backups of SQL servers and our Exchange cluster along with our VMWare system are extremely fast.
mindSHIFT currently take weekly change-block image backups and nightly client level backups of 150 VMWare virtual servers. – – 99.2% weekly de-dupe rate on VMWare image backups.
– Avamar statistics are pulled into DPA each day and DPA emails reports to Administrators who at a glance identifies problems that need additional investigation.

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