Bursty with a Chance of Software Definition

First day at VMware PEX was spent in an an NDA laden bootcamp looking at the future of what EMC is going to be doing this year with the portfolio. Clearly I can’t comment on most of what was covered, but it’s important to know the themes regardless. A few big things stood out to me one of which is the idea of software defined infrastructure. One of the best slides I saw stated clearly that software defined does not equal virtualized. It’s a concept that is important to understand because making something hardware based run in software doesn’t bring the advantages of software defined. What are those? Orchestration is one and is the next big thing being addressed in the portfolio.  If you can automate the process of provisioning and operating your infrastructure, your team can get back to work innovating.  Innovation means more revenue and automation means lower costs. That’s what’s driving the business today. Another advantage of the SDDC is the ability to move your workloads in and out of a private, hybrid, or public cloud. Elasticity. The final theme which continues from last year is disruption. This is not just disruption of our customers environment, buying models, spending habits, or operating principles, but disruption of their vendors as well. The meteor is about to hit the earth and if we don’t adapt, we’re going to die.

I have a firm belief that the EMC portfolio is positioned to survive, to thrive, and to help all of our partners and customers succeed.

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