Avamar software 6.0 Released

Product Overview

EMC Avamar solves the challenges associated with traditional backup, enabling fast, reliable backup and recovery for VMware, remote offices, desktop/laptop, and NAS systems. Avamar is backup and recovery software with integrated global source data de-duplication technology.  Avamar efficiently identifies redundant sub-file backup data segments at the source – before transfer across the network – reducing daily backup data by up to 500x and enabling fast, daily full backups even across congested networks and virtual infrastructure.


New Feature Summary

This release delivers a number of key enhancements, including the ability to perform backups to Data Domain systems, granular level recovery for Exchange and SharePoint backups, change-block based restores for VMware images, and expanded support for protecting operating systems and applications.


Avamar 6.0 is required for all new installations, all Gen4 installations and for any system upgrades. The criteria for the Restricted Availability (RA) phase of the release were successfully achieved and as a result, the RA program has now concluded.  RA Site Surveys are no longer required for submittal and approval for Avamar 6.0 software installations or upgrades.


The enhancements in this release include the following:


Data Domain Integration

*       Use Data Domain as the storage target for Avamar backups with support for the following clients:

*       Exchange VSS

*       SharePoint VSS

*        SQL database

*       Oracle database

*       VMware images

New Server Functionality

*       Downloader Service and Maintenance Manager

*       Automatic notification of OS and software patches

*       Ability to push patches to Avamar servers and apply them

*       Greatly simplifies patch maintenance of Avamar server

*        Customers can install patches (upgrades and major releases will continue to be installed by EMC)

*       Support for EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS)

*       Consolidated access point for Support services that provides authentication, authorization and auditing of all service activities across EMC product lines. Customer defined policies allow for EMC remote access only within customer security requirements. This service provides for faster service resolution and automated processes reduce errors.

*       Capacity Reporting

*       Backend capacity utilization report: a flexible, granular report of Avamar capacity usage which helps with chargeback to departments/groups. You can select entire domains and sub-domains or select individual clients

Client Manager

*       Administrative tool aids managing large numbers of clients. Launched from Enterprise Manager, it provides major functions for client management, client reporting, client push upgrades and client activation – all from a simple, wizard-driven interface

*       Features to manage client location within Avamar context (server, domain or group), plus retiring or deleting clients


DTLT enhancements

*       User selectable on-demand backups

*       User initiated restores to alternate systems

*       Optional login screen for end-user restore


VMware enhancements

*       Incremental change-block-based restore

*       Image backup/restore to/from NFS and iSCSI storage


Expanded Platform and Application Support

*       Updated Exchange VSS Plug-in, adding Granular Level Recoveries (GLR) and multi-stream backup

*       New SharePoint VSS Plug-ins for SharePoint Server 2010 & 2007 support with Multi-stream backup/recovery and Granular Level Recoveries (GLR) via Kroll OnTrack (purchased separately)

*       Oracle RAC and ASM / RAW support

*       Operating System Support for:

*       FreeBSD 8.0

*       AIX 7.1

*       RHEL 6

*       NDMP

*       Multiple streams in same work order

*       Workload optimization across multiple streams

*       NAS

*       Windows Storage Server 2003/2008/2008R2

*       Support for EMC VNX/VNXe NAS devices

*         Iomega StorCenter ix12-300r


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