ESRS – One more way EMC supports you

Providing award winning data protection hardware and software is just the beginning of EMC’s goal. To ensure effective customer support, our team frequently need to connect to your system in order to verify configuration, gather logs, or even make configuration changes to correct instability. All of these process currently require some type of remote connection and permission from the administrator to access the system. To streamline this process, the EMC Secure Remote Support application was created. This is an application that runs on a Windows server, and acts as a gateway between EMC Support and your system. Not only does it allow our support team to access your system after permission has been granted, but it also aids in the daily data collection and monitoring that all of our staff leverage. If you haven’t already and you are running Avamar, reach out to your local TC and ask how you can order the installation CD and get a support resource engaged to get this installed and configured.

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