Top Ten: Why EMC with VMware

I know that this blog is about backup and recovery, but let’s face it; Virtualization is a critical component of every infrastructure, and data protection is different in a virtualized environment. That is why I bring you the top ten reasons to use EMC with VMware.

1 Integration – With over 75 technical integration points across storage, backup, security, and management, EMC delivers the most current and most complete integration for VMware® customers.

2 Ease of Use – VMware environment and storage administrators are 10 times more productive with fewer clicks for common tasks via EMC’s unique VMware vCenter and storage array integrations.

3 Efficiency – EMC arrays are 25 percent more efficient out-of-the-box. Guaranteed. Turn on FASTVP, FAST Cache, compression, and deduplication to get even greater efficiency.

4 Data Protection – Get the fastest, most efficient backup for VMware vSphere and vCloud Director through unique integration with vStorage APIs for Data Protection for agentless backup and recovery. Shrink backup windows by up to 90 percent while using 20 times less storage.

5 Security – RSA , the Security Division of EMC, makes the virtual world more secure than the physical one by embedding RSA DLP features in vShield 5 and offering the industry’s only vSphere, vShield, and vCloud Director integrated dashboard for managing governance, risk, and compliance.

6 Flexibility – Run any storage protocol—block, file, or object—or all simultaneously on a single hardware platform. Change anything non-disruptively, anytime.

7 Availability – EMC is the only vendor that can federate storage between active-active data centers, unlocking the power of VMware vMotion® and VM HA across stretched clusters.

8 Scalability – With vSphere 5 and the advent of 32 vCPU and 1 TB VMs and virtualizing business-critical applications, EMC offers VM-integrated storage that scales from the smallest to the largest and makes your applications run up to two and a half times faster.

9 Solutions – EMC Proven Solutions and reference architectures jointly developed with VMware accelerate and completely remove any risk from the virtualization of your mission-critical applications.

10 Services – With thousands of VMware-trained engineers, EMC has the expertise to accelerate any step of your virtualization journey.

EMC and VMware share a unique partnership and vision—the Journey to Your Cloud—that guides our research, development, and overall direction. Together with these Top Ten Reasons, it’s obvious why EMC is the #1 choice for VMware customers looking for storage, backup, security, and management solutions.

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