New EMC Certification available for Backup Gurus

EMC has just released a new Associate level certification for backup and recovery systems. The new EMC Backup Associate (EMCBA) learning path starts the track to our highly coveted EMC Technical Architect (EMCTA) certification with an associate level exam.

From the exam information sheet at

“The Backup Recovery Systems and Architecture Exam is an associate level qualifying exam for the following EMC Proven Professional Backup and Recovery Specialty tracks: Technology Architect, Implementation Engineer and Storage Administrator. This exam requires the successful candidate to be able to describe concepts and technologies used in backup and recovery environments.
If your job focus is solely Backup and Recovery and you are pursuing a Backup Recovery specialist credential, EMCBA is an appropriate choice at the associate level.
However, if you plan to pursue other storage technology specific certifications in addition to Backup- Recovery, EMCISA will be ideal.
EMCISA allows you to not only follow Backup-Recovery path but also prepares you to follow other specialties across EMCCA, EMCDCA, EMCTA, EMCIE, and EMCSA certification tracks.
EMCBA will NOT meet the associate level requirements for any specialties other than Backup Recovery.”

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