VDI in Healthcare – A Poem

Thanks to Matt Grob for the following Suess-style poem about the power of VDI in Healthcare environments. Read all of the comments and find out more at http://infocus.emc.com/matt_grob/virtual-desktops-in-hospitals-a-tribute-to-dr-seuss/

A long time ago

In a land by the sea

Was a hospital where

The computers were free.

Not for the nurses and not for the lab techs,

Nor for the staff, even those who filled out reqs.

It was for the doctors and the doctors alone

For the hospital knew they had to throw them a bone.

You see doctors can send patients wherever they wish

And the hospital wanted to reel them in like a fish.

So with Stark Laws relaxed and EHRs now in place,

The hospital gave out laptops at a ridiculous pace.

They had to use these laptops since they were locked down;

See, you can’t have patient data just running around.

All these computers

They cost lots of dough

But the doctors didn’t like being

Forced to go with the flow.

Doctors like options,

To do what they choose.

They wanted to pick

The devices they use.

The CIO said No!

You can’t have your way.

I need to keep safe

All the data in play.

If I let you use something

Other than ours,

I cannot protect it

From nefarious powers.

So the doctors, they grumbled

They cursed and complained.

But IT stood their ground

Just as they’d been trained.

Then one day came along

A new software tool.

With the promise of choices

For devices deemed cool.

Virtual desktops

Could safely secure

Any type of device,

Thus keeping it pure.

The CIO announced it

And the docs, they all cheered.

Then they all went shopping

As the live date neared.

They bought iPads and iPhones

They bought ‘Droid-powered tablets.

They bought netbooks and laptops

All loaded with applets.

Now the CIO’s budget

No longer had

To pay for laptops,

And that ain’t so bad.

And the docs they are happy

Using devices they choose.

They don’t even mind paying

Since they like what they use.

IT looked like heroes,

They saved the day.

Until the next time

The docs don’t get their way.

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