Upcoming customer education offerings in Texas

The class schedules for BRS training in Texas have been updated through March of 2012. We offer both classroom, and virtual instructor lead offerings for most of the following classes. We have another unique offerings that can help you achieve your certification and education goals. A subscription (CE-LGSUBCUS01) of $11K per person provides you access to all of our training either online, in person, through e-learning, or via video (3 titles) and also includes 3 certification vouchers. This is over $25K of value! See this data sheet ([download id=”6″]) for more info.

Avamar Administration – 3 day (CE-AVAXIADMIN) $3k per person

Austin: 2/8/2012, W-F, 9-5
Online: 12/21/2011, W-F, 9-5
Online: 1/30/2012, M-W, 9-5
Online 2/15/2012, W-F, 9-5
Online: 3/28/2012, W-F, 9-5

Avamar Integration and Performance Management – 3 day (CE-TU0001 qty. 30) $3k per person

Dallas: 3/14/2012, W-F, 9-5

Data Domain Systems Administration – 3 day (CE-VALPAKDD) $3k per person.

Dallas: 3/7/2012, W-F, 9-5
Online: 12/7/2011, W-F, 9-5
Online: 1/4/2012, W-F, 9-5
Online: 2/1/2012, W-F, 9-5
Online: 2/22/2012, W-F, 9-5
Online: 2/29/2012, W-F, 9-5
Online: 3/28/2012, W-F, 9-5

Networker Installation Configuration, Administration – 5 day (CE-VALPAKBR) $5k per person

Dallas: 12/12/2011, M-F, 9-5
Online: 1/30/2012, M-F, 9-5
Online: 3/19/2012, M-F, 9-5

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