What's the ETA on your ETA and ESA subscription?

EMC is very proactive in communicating issues it may discover with their hardware and software products. Many times, you may be experiencing a disruption that is related to a known issue that has a published workaround available. It’s very easy to subscribe to and be proactively alerted about these issues by using EMC’s Customer ETA or ESA (EMC Technical Advisory and EMC Security Advisory). These are timely emails that provide “…Knowledgebase solutions which address critical problems that cannot be prevented or controlled using proactive tools and processes”. This tool requires you to opt-in to come in the form of email alerts. To subscribe, simply login to PowerLink (http://powerlink.emc.com). Navigate to Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories and then choose either Technical Advisories or Security Advisories. Once there, all of the products are listed, and you can subscribe individually to each by clicking the lightning bolt or alert me icon. There is even a demo to help you if needed.

Don’t wait, get signed up for these alerts today so that you can start being notified of knowledgebase entries as they are released.

As always, if you have questions about this, reach out to your partner or EMC team for help.

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