Anywhere, anytime access to files for the enterprise powered by Atmos and Oxygen

Everyday, more and more users are leveraging the cloud to store their documents for easy access across all of their devices. With offerings from Google, Dropbox, Mozy Stash and many others, users have many choices. But in the Enterprise, these services create a security dilema for IT management. Do you really want to have all of your users uploading corporate documents to a managed service? Who has your data? What are they doing to protect it? Where is it? The Dropbox authentication bug in June of 2011 ( is evidence that even the most well meaning service may not always be able to protect those documents. Enter Oxygen Cloud on EMC Atmos. ( This service uses Atmos hardware in your own datacenter, with the Oxygen software to provide enterprise users a safe, secure, reliable, and scalable solution to anywhere and anytime access. Oxygen Cloud is offering 5gb free of this storage leveraging Atmos servers in AT&T datacenters and is a good way to test drive this service. There is no longer a reason to sacrifice services in the name of security for your users data. Want to know more? Reach out to your local EMC team and get a demo today.

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