PBBA: Not just for open systems anymore

Most of the Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) on the market today support only your open systems environment. Read how the DLm 6000 provides deduplication for your mainframe environment as well.

HOPKINTON, Mass.,–August 8, 2011– EMC® Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced its next generation mainframe virtual tape library (VTL). Designed for use in IBM z/OS environments, the new EMC DLm6000 is the industry’s fastest mainframe VTL with 2x the performance of its nearest competitor. By leveraging the latest advances in EMC Data Domain® and EMC VNX® storage systems, the DLm6000 enables mainframe users to minimize their storage and replication costs and dramatically improve their disaster recovery capabilities. Unlike competing products, the DLm6000 is the only solution that can address the full range of mainframe tape workloads with a single, consolidated all-disk system. By matching different workloads to the most appropriate storage, the DLm6000 maximizes system performance and accelerates data retrievals and backup and recovery times.

Use cases such as backup and recovery, batch processing, DFHSM migration and data archive have required mainframe users to implement multiple storage systems to support all of their tape workloads. The numerous challenges with physical tape systems, including reliability issues and poor performance, have led to the addition of disk systems. Some organizations have also added stand-alone deduplication systems resulting in as many as three systems to manage, which complicates storage management while still leaving protracted disaster recovery processes unaddressed. It is against this backdrop that EMC introduces the DLm6000, a superior alternative to existing mainframe tape solutions.

The EMC DLm6000 is the only mainframe virtual tape library that offers concurrent support for both primary and deduplication storage within the same platform, enabling a consolidated systems approach. Tape data can be directed to the appropriate storage type based on its intended use. Backup operations can be directed to the deduplication storage where the data footprint will be minimized, which reduces storage and transmission costs. Unique data types, such as DFHSM migration, can be directed to the primary storage and be available for near-instantaneous recalls.

Product Highlights and Benefits:

– Integrates VNX7500 and/or Data Domain DD890 storage systems to support all mainframe use cases
– Over 2 GB/s throughput is 2x faster than closest competitor
– Logical capacity scales to 5.7 petabytes
– z/OS Console Support centralizes platform management
– Integrated system reduces footprint, power and cooling requirements
– Reduces replication costs by using deduplication

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