Data deduplication technology boosts Shoppers Stop’s backup strategy

The following article clipping highlights the advantage that EMC Avamar was able to provide Shopper’s Stop in protecting their data. With commonality found to be at 70% they are seeing a reduction in storage costs. Restores are faster, and simple policy based controls allow IT to better offer data protection as a service to its 3000 desktop clients. Read the full story below.

It was in 2011 that leading Indian department store chain Shoppers Stop first faced concerns related to inefficient data backup. With operations spread across 51 stores in 22 Indian cities, Shoppers Stop has huge amounts of data spread across its locations. Gopakumar Panicker, the deputy general manager for IT at Shoppers Stop explains that frequent loss of data residing on laptops and desktops used to create major operational challenges. To preserve and protect data spread across its machines, Shopper Stop decided to evaluate data deduplication technology as a cure for its backup woes.

Shoppers Stop has several end users who travel and maintain all their data on laptops (like business development and marketing teams). Loss of archived data due to crashes and high recovery times made it impossible for end users to resume work within acceptable timeframes. Issues due to the high investments spent on recovery were complicated further by low backup success ratios. “We required a robust backup mechanism. Hence we chose data deduplication technology,” says Panicker.

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