Older Avamar 5.0 software versions possibly impacted by upcoming DST change

If you are still running an older version of Avamar 5.0 software (specifically the versions listed below), the change to and from DST that occurs in the Spring and the Fall may cause maintenance activities to stop. The fix is simple…upgrade to the latest version of the GSAN software. If that is not possible, then be sure to check the system the day after the change to ensure the services are running. You can also verify the existence of the issue by looking for the following message that will be embedded in the /data01/cur/err.log file on one or more Avamar server data nodes:

2010/11/07-05:01:07.86282 {0.1} [sched:3139]  ERROR: <0001> tmaintsched::body no valid window so scheduler is stopping

Affected Versions:

  • v5.0.0-4xx
  • v5.0.1-32
  • v5.0.1-40x
  • v5.0.2-41
  • v5.0.3-2x

Process for restarting maintenance activities:

  • Log in to the Avamar Server MCGUI (Avamar Administrator) with Admin privileges.
  • Check to see if maintenance activities are running:
    • Open the “Server” window.
    • Select the “Server Management” Tab.
    • Select the very top level of the tree in the left panel (The Avamar Server).
    • Look in the right side window under “Maintenance Activities Details”.
    • Maintenance activities are suspended if Properties has a value of Suspended = Yes.
  • Perform the following steps if it is necessary to resume maintenance activities:
    • In the same Server window select the “Actions” Menu.
    • In the Actions menu select “Resume Maintenance Activities”.
    • The Scheduler status should change to value Suspended = No.
  • Contact Avamar support if you cannot restart the maintenance activities.


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