Event: Big Data Roadshow

The Big Data Roadshow is coming to Texas. See below for more information and signup today. See you there!

Austin 2/27/2013: https://emcinformation.com/122102/MTP/.ashx?reg_src=SA
Dallas 3/12/2013: https://emcinformation.com/126709/MTP/.ashx?reg_src=SA

Please join us for this EMC Event:
Face-to-Face with Big Data

Transforms lives, transforms business

Big Data is transforming the world – but how can organizations harness the power of Big Data to transform business?

Attend this EMC event to gain insight into how you can turn Big Data theories into practice, allowing you to develop new strategies for your organization.

The agenda includes sessions that demonstrate the transformational force of Big Data:
Learn about the EMC-sponsored project, The Human Face of Big Data
Discover technologies to drive Big Data strategy
Understand IT, business, and data science perspectives
Take part in an interactive Vision workshop

We will close out the day with a cocktail and networking reception. Please click on your city on the right to view the agenda and details.

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