Single management console – Backup and Recovery Manager

If you are running Avamar, Data Domain, or NetWorker in any combination in your environment, Backup and Recovery Manager is now available for you to install. Setup is easy and built with an OVA format for simple deployment into your virtual environment. Web access makes connecting to the console easy across any platform. Monitoring and reporting provide quick glance views into the health of the backup environment. More of the features are outlined below.

New Feature Summary

The major features in this release include the following:

  • Real-time monitoring of Alerts, Activities, Events and Systems
    • Alerts are significant events that require attention and potential intervention
    • Activities are backup and replication jobs
    • Events are informational messages issued by the backup applications. While these are important from an audit perspective, they don’t require the same immediate attention as Alerts
    • Systems are all of the Avamar servers, NetWorker servers and Data Domain appliances defined to the Backup & Recovery Manager.
      • The Systems page allows the user to view capacity and usage, version, model and status for all systems.
  • Reporting on Backups, Systems and Configuration
    • Basic Backup Summary reporting
    • Systems Summaries, Capacity and Usage, System Change Rate and Client Change Rate
    • Reporting on Avamar and NetWorker configuration objects
  • Configuring basic Avamar Replication
  • As with the Avamar Enterprise Manager, Backup & Recovery Manager provides the ability to configure Avamar replication




Backup & Recovery Manager 1.0 Introduction

This course introduces Backup & Recovery Manager, a solution that unifies the monitoring of Avamar, NetWorker, and Data Domain.  The Backup & Recovery Manager 1.0 features, architecture, installation, and troubleshooting will be covered.  In addition, this course includes a demonstrative video that depicts the administration of the application.

Target Audience:  This course is designed for those experienced with monitored backup solutions, and responsible for positioning, installing, implementing, or providing technical support for Avamar, Networker, and Data Domain.

Delivery Type:  eLearning

Duration:  1 hour


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