ECN gets a new look

ECN or the EMC Community Network is a website dedicated to helping the community of EMC users connect. This site recently got a new facelift as well as a bunch of new functionality. ECN should be the first stop for any admin trying to find an answer to a question about configuration, best practices, troubleshooting, etc. Just as other groups have their own strong communities, EMC does as well. Who better to provide advice then the folks that are in the trenches every day fighting the good fight. So head over to today and sign up for an account and begin contributing to the community!

New Feature Highlights:

·       Personalized search making it easier to find content and people

·       Social collaboration tools (such as Twitter and Facebook) to follow content, people and communities

·       Organization of content around solution categories for improved discoverability

·       Genius capabilities with recommended content and links, and

·       Accelerated performance for global expansion.

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