Customer Delight For Sale

I’ve been out at HQ this week learning about all the goodness of the Tegile array and had the chance to talk with both our CEO Rohit and VP of Customer Engineering Alok and was surprised when they both told me that we don’t sell storage. In fact, they told me that we sold something that I couldn’t download, that has no license key, and can’t be carried onto a customer’s site. That’s because we sell Customer Gratification and Customer Delight. That’s a refreshing change from many of the sales focused vendors in the marketplace that are after nothing more than a sale…and many times at any cost. When I sell customer delight, I end up achieving the same thing as all of the other vendors with the added benefit that I actually was able to solve a customer challenge along the way. I was able to provide a solution that customer really needed. I was able to become more than just a trusted advisor, I was able to form a genuine relationship. Yeah, I know, it sounds a little hokey. But in the end, that is one of the reasons I was attracted to Tegile in the first place. Of course we are a business and have a product to sell and won’t survive if we don’t. But if we delight every one of our customers with a product that can reduce capacity, increase performance, and lower costs than everyone is gratified.

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