Knowledge16 Keynote Summary

As you are aware, I attended my first ServiceNow Knowledge event in Las Vegas May 16th-19th and was fortunate to see these keynotes live. You might not have been that lucky, but through the power of the internet (and some awesome work by one of my peers, Jack Campbell) you can now watch the keynotes yourself on your own schedule and forward right the parts that are most relevant to your role.

Day 1 focuses on the ServiceNow strategy. On day 2 the theme was to explain the “how”. Day 3 changed the conversation and focused on developing on the ServiceNow platform. 

Please take the time to check them out here: and share with anyone on your team that you feel would benefit.

Day 1: Frank Slootman, CEO – 90 minutes

00:00 Intro – History of Knowledge and ServiceNow

12:20 Current Service Management Landscape

15:50 Where Service Management is Going as an Enterprise Discipline

23:10 Siemens Use Case

24:30 Service Management is Meeting Customer Service

27:10 Customer Service Management Use Case – Fiserv & KPMG

35:00 Impact of IoT on Service Management, Use Cases From GE, Agfa

40:25 ServiceNow Growth and Product Mix

47:00 State of Work in the Enterprise

57:24 Smart Glance Smartwatch Concept Demo, and Information Finding You


Day 2: Dan McGee, COO – 90 minutes

00:00 Intro ServiceNow Video

01:40 The Service Revolution and the Platform Experience

18:12 IT Operations and ITSM Connected Demo

29:10 Security Management Operations Demo

40:40 Customer Service Management Demo

55:25 Platform Strategy – Single System of Engagement

60:00 Single System Demo

69:45 Medical Device Management Demo – Nuvolo

77:30 ServiceNow Platform Architecture & Support Model

89:20 Community Benchmarking


Day 3: Pat Casey, SVP of DevOps with Founder & Chief Product Officer Fred Luddy

00:00 Intro Video

01:15 Enabling the Service Revolution

26:10 New Service Portal in Helsinki (Fred Luddy)

37:30 You can watch Fred dance when the live demo hiccups

                Here’s what the demo should have looked like:

39:30 Back on track with Self Service Portal

52:00 The Developer Experience

55:40 The Development Environment

71:30 Controlling the Platform with Delegated Development

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