Avamar 6.0 release media coverage broad

Just one week after the availability announcement for Avamar 6.0 we are are seeing broad coverage from the media. What are they excited about? Read some of the articles for yourself…

Article Index:
1.     InfoStor: http://www.infostor.com/storage-management/data-de-duplication/emc-debuts-deduplication-and-backup-software.html
2.     Channel Register: “EMC Avamar gets jiggy wit Data Domain”
3.     CIOL: “EMC integrates Avamar with Data Domain”
4.     Computer Business Review: “EMC introduces deduplication backup software Avamar 6.0”
5.     Computer Technology Review: “EMC debuts Avamar 6.0 deduplication backup software”
6.     Computerworld: “EMC integrates Avamar backup software and Data Domain”
7.     CRN: “EMC Updates Avamar Dedupe Software, Hardware”
8.     CTO Edge: “EMC Couples Backup Tool to VMware”
9.     eChannelLine: “EMC gives Avamar-Data Domain integration a boost”
10.  ESG: “EMC Avamar 6.0 Announcement, Why’d They do That?”
11.  eWEEK: “EMC Brings Avamar Backup/Dedupe to Data Center Workloads”
12.  infoTECH: “EMC Debuts Avamar 6.0”
13.  iTWeb: “EMC enhances Avamar 6.0”
14.  Network World: “Products of the Week” Slideshow
15.  SearchDataBackup: “EMC Avamar data dedupe software gets a DD Boost”
16.  V3.co.uk: “EMC updates deduplication product Avamar 6”

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