When being one of the 0.07% sucks

When does being one of the 0.07% suck? When you are using Amazon Web Services to protect your data. According to a status updated today on their Service Health Dashboard, Amazon reported that…

“…We have completed our remaining recovery efforts and though we’ve recovered nearly all of the stuck volumes, we’ve determined that a small number of volumes (0.07% of the volumes in our US-East Region) will not be fully recoverable. We’re in the process of contacting these customers.”

I don’t know about your data, but I can’t afford to have it be in a state which is not fully recovered. Hosted services hold great promise, and there is no doubt in my mind that we are all going to see more and more of our data move there. I know that with my data, I still feel better having something tangible that I am in control of. Even when I backup my pictures and music to my Mozy account, I still have a duplicate copy on my NAS at home. For the really, really important pics, I also replicate those to my other computer…just in case.

Bottom line…the cloud is a terrific resource to host some application workloads and perhaps utilize as an archive for stale and static data, but in both cases, MY best practice is to keep a copy within your control to CYA. If it can happen it will, and if you want a rock solid data protection strategy, plan for it.

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