Data Protection Advisor 6.0 released – 60 Day Free Trial!

March 11th was a huge milestone for DPA as the engineering team announced the newest version 6.0 of the software. This is a huge change in the product as the backend has been overhauled and a new API interface added for infinite customization. See more details of the new features below and get your free 60 day trial here (free 60-day DPA trial)

Product Overview
DPA is an advanced backup reporting and analysis application that gives users complete visibility into everything happening within their backup environment. DPA gathers data from backup servers, backup clients, databases, network switches, storage area network (SAN) switches, and tape libraries. DPA correlates information from each of these areas and provides the ability to perform advanced reporting, troubleshooting, performance management, and capacity planning.

New Feature Summary
Data Protection Advisor 6.0 is a complete refresh of the product, offering significant ease of use and management innovations. This important release will provide service providers, enterprise and larger midrange customers with fast, intuitive and efficient access to vital information so they can know that their mission-critical applications are protected.

New user interface
– dashboard-driven user interface with streamlined navigation, centralized administration controls and wizard-driven configuration.

Who doesn’t love wizards? DPA 5.X was almost too powerful which at times could turn off users. Dream it and you can build it. 6.0 doesn’t sacrifice power and functionality, it just makes it easier to realize your dream reports.

– unify data protection management for backup and replication

– enable application owners and business managers to self-install, configure and start verifying protection in just minutes.

No longer is the rollout of modules an IT task. In the new era of self service IT or shared services organizations, users need more control, and DPA delivers.

New analysis engine
– drive real-time, fully-automated data protection processes, visibility, and predictability

Real time is huge! No longer does monitoring of data protection have to be the thing that goes with morning coffee at the start of the shift. Instead of running reports to see what broke, now you can react in real time when a backup fails.

– meeting SLAs in real-time, even in rapidly-growing and changing environments

– on policy-driven monitoring and alerting

New architecture
– scalable, robust architecture purpose-built for cloud environments and multi-tenancy


Check out the links below for more information:

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