Syncplicity and Atmos power "Sync and Share" file services without the risk

More and more users are adopting some type of cloud file service and there are options galore to be had. Each of these cloud options has one inherent flaw for the enterprise; your data lives outside of the control of the IT department. Imagine that intellectual property your employee generated and stored in their cloud file storage account. It leaves your facility and is now controlled by that employee. If they leave the company, they take that IP with them. If their account is not managed correctly with strong passwords, you lose that IP. If the company providing the service is attacked or compromised  you lose that IP. These are just a few examples of why keeping company data on premise makes sense. But how do you combat the ease and simplicity that these cloud services provide? Having data on my iPad, iPhone, Android, Work laptop, Work VDI instance, Personal desktop, and at Grandma’s house if I need it in a pinch is way too attractive. As Michelle Scardino states on the Atmos blog ( you can either Build it, block it, or buy in. We already showed that buying in can put your IP at risk. We also showed how powerful these services are for driving productivity with ubiquitous access to a users data, anywhere, anytime. So blocking it won’t work. That leaves us with building our own. But how do we do that? Easy, EMC Syncplicity and Atmos to the rescue. Watch this video to find out more about how this solutions works and sign up for a Synplicity trial today.





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