The lastest ESRS is now available

I have discussed the EMC Secure Remote Support gateway in the past and there is a new version available bringing us to version 2.22. This release adds support for VIPR, the new VNX and VMAX CE software editions, and the Disk Library for Mainframe (DLM) products. This new release also includes support for your partner to perform the installation making it simpler to get online and to get support.

EMC® Secure Remote Support (ESRS) is a secure, IP-based, distributed customer service support system that provides EMC customers with command, control, and visibility of support-related activities.

EMC enterprise servers—EMC maintains a server network that administers the Gateway infrastructure.

 Customer site: hardware and network — Each customer provides the internal network, hardware, and operating system to host the ESRS software.

 Customer site: EMC-provided software — EMC supplies the ESRS Gateway Client software, Policy Manager software, and device management utilities. EMC Global Services installs this

software on the customer site hardware.

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