Knowledge16 Recap – Part 1

What do 11K people do when they love something so much they have to tell everyone about it? They go to Vegas! ServiceNow’s Knowledge16 kicked off Monday May 16th with record attendance to celebrate 10 years of Knowledge. Not only did they attract IT professionals, but this year also saw more and more folks attend from different walks of life in the business like facilities, security, and HR which shows how a service enabled company can change the way people work. Incredibly, 25 percent of the breakout sessions are focused on service management outside IT.

Over 90 percent of this years sessions are being delivered by customers that are using the platform themselves. That says something. This is a not a conference where a vendor brings in all of their smartest folks and has them jump up on stage and run through the same tired marketing material that has been presented over and over. Instead, these are clients that are passionate about their implementations and want to show other folks what they’ve done. Again, that’s impressive.

The show does carry some of the standards as you’d expect. The ExpoNow partner showcase opened Monday night with a GoLive! just like every customer in attendance had, and there’s even an awesome GoLive! cake. There’s a cozy HangNow space outside the expo hall for folks to recharge (literally) and to catch up with collegues. Since they are in the Mandalay Bay conference center, they have a few floors dedicated to breakouts and to exective meetings.

Straying from the usual though, they offered discounted training to folks through pre-conference training that started Saturday and the learning continues thorugh the week with 120 different hands-on lab sessions in addition to the 200 breakout sessions. If there is a topic you want to learn more about, they are talking, teaching, and tweeting about it. Also unique is the CreaterCon Developer conference that follows the main show this week. Today also marked the begining of a hack-a-thon lasting through midnight local time, so I expect that plenty of caffeine will be consumed. Fortunately there are Starbucks everywhere in Vegas.

Remember that I am an employee, so judge my bias accordiblgy, but it has been a great start to the show and if you are interested in learning more you can get caught up on any keynotes or general buzz you missed via the Knowledge website at

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