You're doing it wrong!

It's been a while since my last update, and that's because I am trying to wade through your emails. The intolerable depths of email you're generating because you're doing it wrong. I have a couple suggestions you have heard a million times and are fortunate enough to hear again. Lucky you. Hopefully this will help you … Continue reading You're doing it wrong!

A Boomer, GenX, Millennial, and iGen walk into a bar

I'm a Gen X guy working for Boomers in a Millennial dominated world and want to share some observations with the iGen that will be working with me in a dozen years. Today I manage a small team that consists entirely of folks from the Millennial generation. These "kids", as I call them daily, are … Continue reading A Boomer, GenX, Millennial, and iGen walk into a bar

Game On

In this episode I sit down with Russell Cantwell (@rcantw3ll) to discuss the latest in eSports. We discussed the DOTA2 International and the how such a large purse is collected. We discussed his screaming fast gaming rig complete with his favorite Devil's Canyon architecture. Turns out Professional Basketball and Professional eSports share a lot of similarity. … Continue reading Game On

Resolution 4: Virtualize Everything

It's midway through the year and it's time to dive into another resolution. This time I am tackling resolution number 4 from my 15 resolutions for the 2015 revolution. I resolve to stop thinking about virtualization as a hypervisor. Why? Because virtualization is so much more than just a hypervisor and it's important for us … Continue reading Resolution 4: Virtualize Everything

Next Episode

Tanner Hux (@omgfixit) and I humorously discuss a wide range of topics while consuming a couple tasty beers from Lone Star Taps and Caps. We started with Real Ale White and Meridian Hive Haven and then capped it off with a Stone Points Unknown. After getting the beer tasting out of the way we moved through topics like natural disasters, data … Continue reading Next Episode

The Business Case for Convergence

Today's IT landscape is being driven by business outcomes. As IT teams evaluate new technologies they are using a simple framework to determine which product meets their requirements in an ecosystem that is becoming less and less differentiated. First, the solution has to save the business money. This can be realized by a lower cost … Continue reading The Business Case for Convergence