Special thanks to Brian Carpenter (@inthedc) from In the DC fame for his time on this podcast. This episode specifically discusses community and has a lot of hat tips to many of the folks in the EMC Elect and Cisco Champion programs. Had a lot of fun making this and look forward to making many … Continue reading Community

Resolution 7: Tiering Data and Apps

April Fools Day was this week and I wonder how many people took a look a their data protection thanks to the efforts of World Backup Day that happened on the 31st? I also wonder how many admins are played jokes on their bosses by claiming to have lost data, or failed to protect critical information? Probably not many. Seriously … Continue reading Resolution 7: Tiering Data and Apps

Bigger Engine Means Better Tires

So you just deployed your new flash array and realize that your hosts aren't screaming around the track like you were expecting. They're fast, but they could be faster. Part of the problem is that you just introduced a big fat engine into that old 1980's Civic frame with balding blades for tires. Sure it'll work and … Continue reading Bigger Engine Means Better Tires

Community and the EMC Elect

Today I was humbled and honored to be invited to join the EMC Elect team for a second year. This is truly amazing and I am so happy to be amongst such a talented and forward thinking group of individuals. So how did I get chosen? First, I was nominated. I have to thank many … Continue reading Community and the EMC Elect

Resolution 2: Convergence

Today at VMware Partner Exchange, EMC announced their new EVO:RAIL solution called VSPEX Blue. Great segue into an article about what the market looks like for convergence which happens to also be "Resolution 2." As usual, we need a few key definitions first. Converged platforms combine multiple aspects of the traditional infrastructure stack into a single … Continue reading Resolution 2: Convergence