The @erichagstrom #vmworld @tegile overview

You joined me in San Francisco! Yippee! That's means you've already fought off some unsavory characters walking the streets. You enjoyed an @Uber ride from the airport. You stood in a quite the long line to check in at your hotel, and now you are getting ready to hit the Expo and find out what's … Continue reading The @erichagstrom #vmworld @tegile overview

Event: Impact of Virtualization on Storage

[gtbutton link="" type="success" embossed="yes"]Register Here[/gtbutton] Many businesses are discovering that the traditional storage architecture- much of it dating from the 1980's- is unsuited in multiple ways to the demands of today's virtualized and consolidated data center. The virtualized data center puts not just more demand, but new kinds of demand on the storage system. All-flash … Continue reading Event: Impact of Virtualization on Storage

Compromising Situation

I was sent a link to a chalk-talk by a customer the other day that I thought I would address point by point. Tegile recently announced our new T-Series all flash hybrid arrays, and it seems like everyone else is getting in on the game as well. I thought it would make sense to show … Continue reading Compromising Situation

Middle Management Sucks

...unless you are talking about data management. That's right. Data Management features like thin provisioning, snapshot and cloning, replication, deduplication, and compression are what make managing the data in your environment easier. This middle layer of management helps drive data reduction, but also drives things like data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity. They also contribute … Continue reading Middle Management Sucks

Choice Matters Most

These days choice is something everyone of us has become accustomed to.¬†Go to just about any convenience or grocery store in the country and look for the peanuts. There they are, right? Peanuts are only in season for a couple of months each year, but because consumers demand year-round access, enough are harvested to extend … Continue reading Choice Matters Most

Smaller is Faster

Spud Webb could reach great heights with a basketball in hand and Danny Woodhead could weave up and down the field. Both proving that sometimes smaller IS better. Deduplicating your production storage is also better, and when done correctly, faster. But how can this be you may ask? If I have to spend more time … Continue reading Smaller is Faster

Buying Criteria vs. Use Criteria

When I talk to our customers about the advantages of a Hybrid storage array, I frequently come across many questions that can be categorized as either buying criteria or use criteria. A couple quick definitions are in order to begin. Use criteria are the most important of the two because this is what you are … Continue reading Buying Criteria vs. Use Criteria