Don't be 'Pitfall Harry' when Virtualizing SQL

Your virtualization admin has been mandated to consolidate. Database admins are being mandated to improve performance. The DBA wants faster cores, while the virtualization admin wants more cores. All the while, neither of these admins understand each others environments, have a standardized way to test performance, or recognize how changes on one side affect the … Continue reading Don't be 'Pitfall Harry' when Virtualizing SQL

Top 'o the blog to ya

First of all, I swear that the 20 votes I got did NOT come from grandparents, cousins, or other relatives. They didn't come from me, my pet goldfish, or my deceased neighbor either. I swear. Now that I have cleared the air about that, it's exciting to be getting ANY votes  among this impressive list … Continue reading Top 'o the blog to ya

Event: All Flash vs. Hybrid – Use Cases

Attend this webinar to learn the difference between all flash and hybrid arrays and which ones make the most sense to deploy for different use cases. Register here:  

Customer Delight For Sale

I've been out at HQ this week learning about all the goodness of the Tegile array and had the chance to talk with both our CEO Rohit and VP of Customer Engineering Alok and was surprised when they both told me that we don't sell storage. In fact, they told me that we sold something … Continue reading Customer Delight For Sale

Event: Key Steps to Successful VDI Deployment

Attend this webinar to learn how Hartnell College rolled out VDI using Tegile and Unidesk. You will also learn how you can: Reduce your data storage footprint Control costs when deploying a VDI Plan for a successful VDI deployment Register here:

Meanwhile at the North Dallas Office

This past Monday marked the beginning of a new career and a new adventure. After over 3 years at EMC I have moved on to a new company. This means I am also getting back to my technical roots and rolling up my sleeves to help build something with Tegile. Good news for the readers … Continue reading Meanwhile at the North Dallas Office

Bursty with a Chance of Software Definition

First day at VMware PEX was spent in an an NDA laden bootcamp looking at the future of what EMC is going to be doing this year with the portfolio. Clearly I can't comment on most of what was covered, but it's important to know the themes regardless. A few big things stood out to … Continue reading Bursty with a Chance of Software Definition