Beauty AND Brains

Meanwhile on your mobile device, Syncplicity rolled out a massive overhaul of it's application. All I can say is WOW! You can read all about it over at the Syncplicity blog ( but I'll point out of some of my favorite highlights here. The interface has been redesigned to make it easier to use. I'm … Continue reading Beauty AND Brains

The Few, the Proud, the #EMCElect

I don't always hashtag my blog post titles, but when I do it's because I want an extra level of social joy in there. The same joy I felt when I saw that I was on the Elect '14 list ¬†announced today. I can already hear my parents asking me, "What does that even mean?" … Continue reading The Few, the Proud, the #EMCElect

14 Resolutions for the '14 Revolution

It's a new year which means it's time to make some new resolutions. If you are responsible for data protection in your environment, it might also be time for a revolution. Revolution you say? Yes, revolution. It's time for IT's transformation and I ¬†written and spoken about this many times before. IT needs to be … Continue reading 14 Resolutions for the '14 Revolution

Look Ma, All A's!

CRN recently put out their 2013 Enterprise Storage report card and EMC once again took the top spot beating out NetApp, Dell, IBM, HP and Oracle. The highlights were top spot in Product Reliability by a hefty margin. I am always proud to hear 3rd party evaluations that reinforce that the EMC portfolio is tops … Continue reading Look Ma, All A's!

Adding Meat To Your Meet

Working as a technical evangelist, I have the opportunity to participate in a LOT of meetings. I have learned a few tips and tricks that have proven valuable for me and thought you may find them helpful as well. Be Creative - Meetings always start at 9:00am and run for an hour. Why? I start … Continue reading Adding Meat To Your Meet

They call me BRuCE

The EMC community network continues to provide value to our customers, partners, and employees. I wanted to take a moment to highlight one specific corner of the community that is focused specifically on enabling our channel partners. It is the Backup and Recovery Channel Enablement site and can be found at You can find everything … Continue reading They call me BRuCE